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 HOUSE FEELING, a house music record and event label with a mission to share the FEELING of HOUSE music, uniting partygoers and artists as one family on the dance floor!


The primary objective of HOUSE FEELING is to champion exceptional HOUSE MUSIC by locally releasing works from talented artists and organizing house parties. These events provide an environment where individuals can feel comfortable, respected, and connected with others while dancing to high-quality music.

The label thrives on collaboration and a deep-seated passion for house music, coupled with authenticity and distinctive character.

HOUSE FEELING events are known for their affordability, fun-filled atmosphere, and abundant positivity and happiness. The label strives to create a respectful ambiance, ensuring a fantastic night for all attendees under the influence of great house music

Next up: House Feeling Boat Party -
July 6th 

House Feeling Boat Party - Square Still.jpeg

Photos: house feeling February 23rd, 2024

2 March 2024 at 17_07_BorderlineAtacan_051.jpg

Label Releases

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house feeling on Spotify

house feeling on Instagram

Photos: house feeling November 18th, 2023

Huis Feeling_BorderlineAtacan_036.jpg

Photos: house feeling May 26th, 2023


Photos: house feeling Presents: Creeps
 January 27th, 2023


Photos: house feeling Presents: LIPOUS
 November 25th, 2022

House Feeling Presents: LIPOUS

Photos: house feeling September 9th, 2022


Photos: house feeling July 8th, 2022


Photos: house feeling April 1st, 2022


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